This was an effort taken by us the Outstanding Teachers Team (BISA) to help our fellow friends in SMK Tambunan in action research study and implementation. Hopefully, the information provided here will be useful and will bring up a lot of ideas to the respective teachers. Our aims are to make sure the teachers will get various kinds of action research samples to study and learn. Our team is dedicated to provide these materials in alternate week basis in two forms, online form by directing  to https://writeactlearn.wordpress.com and in newsletter form. We’ll do our best!

The BISA members

B-Bedie Manuel(Guru Cemerlang Sains)- Cum as the team co-director and board publishing
I-Nurul Izad Ali(Guru Cemerlang Kimia)- Cum as the team director and presenter
S-Steve Gaisan(Guru Cemerlang Komputer)- Cum as the team secretary and online publishing
A-Ann Doreen Dorall (Guru Cemerlang BI)-Cum as the team documentation and language expert

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